Missing Cat

Please can you help us find our cat, who went missing a fortnight ago. He has been seen around Coopers Lane, but could have wandered off somewhere else by now. If you see him, could you call me (Rich) on 07786 548974, and we’ll come and get him.

He’s a fairly sleek looking grey cat, without a collar, called Schumie ("Shoo-mee"), and is cautious but inquisitive!

We all miss him, but especially our daughter, so any help is appreciated.

The picture below is not Schumie, but apparently is a good likeness. Please keep on the look out for him. With the warmer weather, he may have walked into a garage/shed whilst you’ve had it open to get the lawn mower out for the 1st time this year. Have a check in any lockups you have just in case".


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