Bramley Neighbourhood Development Plan – Survey Results

Bramley Neighbourhood Development PlanAs part of the Bramley Neighbourhood Development Plan, the results from the first survey have now been published on their website which you can visit at:

As someone eluded to in one of their comments, “Why yet another survey?”.
It does seem to have come quite soon after the Parish Plan survey that was carried out most recently, but in order to valid the process of setting up a Local Development Plan, the Bramley steering committee are obliged to carry out a certain number of steps/procedures and this initial survey just happened to be one of them. 
The idea of this survey was to give the various sub-groups within the steering committee an idea of which areas to focus on during the initial phases.

For more information, please visit the Bramley NDP website at:

If you want to make a difference to Bramley, whether you work or live in the area, you can still get involved. 
This is your village !! Help decide the future !!
Use the contact form on the website to see what you can do to help out !

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