The Village of Bramley

Map of BramleyBramley is a small, but busy, village in north Hampshire tucked between the M3 and the M4. The nearest big towns are Basingstoke to the south and Reading to the north. At the last census (2001) there were 3348 people (in 1313 households) living in the Parish of Bramley. Since 2001 there have been many new homes built. The most recent of these being 270 new houses at the end of German Road. So in reality the population will have grown significantly since the last count.

The main road through Bramley runs from the A340 in the West, past the smaller village of Little London, to Sherfield-On-Loddon and the A33 in the east. Bramley itself is divided by a railway line running from Basingstoke to Reading. Amenities in Bramley include a railway station, a doctors’ surgery, a primary school, a pub, a bakery, a garage, a shop and an estate agent. The Parish of Bramley is served by the Church of St James. The land to the north of Bramley is part of the Stratfield Saye Estate owned by the Duke of Wellington. The land to the south includes 900 acres of MOD owned land known as Bramley Camp. In the past it served as a munitions depot, today is used as a training area. The camp is regularly visited by Chinook helicopters from RAF Odiham and used by the TA and other organisations for training exercises.