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Advertising on is a great way to reach your local customers. Over 95% of the visitors to either live in the village of Bramley or the surrounding areas. This leads to a very high click-through-ratio which in turn translates into a high potential for sales leads.

We have several banner positions available at a price to suit your business.

(See here for a complete description of the banners available)

50% Off

If you take out an advert in the printed edition of Loci Pannum, we will give you 50% off of your online advertising fee. (See terms and conditions *)

6 Months Online For Free

When you order a 12 month advert placement in the printed edition of Loci Pannum, you will get a free 6 month online advert for free. (See terms and conditions *)

Introductory Offer

If you are a new advertiser to Loci Pannum, we offering you a special introductory rate on all our advert positions.

If you place your order during our special introductory period, rather than the usual one month period, we will give you an extra 2 months totally free.

Introductory Prices

Position Length Cost
1 3 months £5
1 Lifetime £13
2 3 months £5
3 3 months £8
3 Lifetime £15
4 3 months £15
5a 3 months £8
5b 3 months £8

Regular Prices

Position Length Cost
1 per month £5
1 Lifetime £13
2 per month £5
3 per month £8
3 Lifetime £15
4 per month £15
5a per month £8
5b per month £8


Position Length Cost
1 12 months £60
1 Lifetime £156
2 12 months £60
3 12 months £96
3 Lifetime £180
4 12 months £180
5a 12 months £96
5b 12 months £96

Position = the position of the advert

Length = amount of time advert will be displayed for.

With respect to an “in article” advert in positions 1 and 2, “lifetime” means that the advert will be displayed for the lifetime of that article. Articles are not usually deleted and therefore exist for ever. An article will appear on the front page until such time as it is replaced by newer articles, and there are usually five articles on the main front page. Each article will have its own landing page for the lifetime of that article. Your advert will remain on the landing page for the lifetime of that article.

Cost = total cost for the advert for the length of time defined

Cost does not include any charges for the design of the advert graphics. If you would like us to have your advert professionally designed, please visit our have your advert designed by us page.

Advert Delivery

We use one of the largest most sophisticated advert delivery engines available on the internet to ensure your adverts reach the intended audience.

We can set various delivery criteria on your advert to ensure that it reaches your intended audience.  (We’ll need to talk to you directly if you want to discuss the specifics because there are literally 100’s of variables we can use to fine tune the delivery of your advert). For the majority of our advertisers, using our default display options will be sufficient.  Our adverts are rotated such that the visitor doesn’t become overloaded with your advert time after time which has been shown to be viewed negatively by some readers.

Terms And Conditions

The 50% online offer is only valid for the same duration of your printed advert.
If you take an advert out in the printed edition of Loci Pannum for three months, then you will get 50% off an online advert for up to two months.
If you take out an advert in the printed edition of Loci Pannum for one month and a twelve month plan online, you would get one month of online advertising at 50%, with the remaining  eleven months at full price.
i.e. you can’t order a one week advert in the printed edition of Loci Pannum and get 50% of your whole 12month order for an advert on


When you order a 12 month advert in the printed edition of Loci Pannum, this will entitle you to a free 6month online advert at You may have a 6 month advert in all positions other than position 4 (240×400).
If you order an ‘in article’ advert position, it will only remain for the 6 month period and cannot remain for the lifetime of the article, unless you convert the advert to lifetime on completion of the free 6 month period.