Advert Sizes and Positions

Advert Block

(click on image to see full size)





120 x 90 button

Position 1

(In article)


120 x 90 button

Position 2

Right Hand side, sidebar, lower middle.

Block of four buttons.


125×125 button

Position 3

(In article)



Position 4

Right Hand side, sidebar, top position, above the fold.

1 advertising slot available.



Position 5

(5a top, 5b lower)

Right Hand side, sidebar, middle position.

2 advertising slots available.

Sidebar Top Position

This is the most prominent advertising position on the site and at 240 x 400, the largest graphic available.  Designed to grab the attention of the visitors, this advert has the highest click through ratio on the page.

This advertising unit is guaranteed to be “above the fold”.

Sidebar Middle Position

Two advertising units at 240×250 pixels are positioned in the right hand sidebar.

The top advertising block is positioned to be on the fold and visible to the visitor as they scroll down to read the articles.

The lower advertising block in this position is below the fold, but becomes most prominent when the user is scrolling to the bottom of the article page.

In Article Position

There are two buttons available for use within an article. The position of the button placement is dependant on the article itself.


See the image below to see a representation of where each advert will appear on the live website.

advert_positions (Click on the image to see a larger version)